Technical Services

Heat Radiation Modelling ( FlareSim )

OPTIMA® use FlareSim software to simulate heat radiation generated during flaring operations under different environmental conditions. The output from the FlareSim analysis enables OPTIMA to design RigCooling® system that provide optimal heat suppression for the installation.

Optima also provide a range of monitoring services during flaring activities these include a thermal imaging survey, Noise attenuation, BTU monitoring. Please see our additional services section for more details

Fixed System Design:

OPTIMA are please to offer a bespoke fixed system packages.  From the point of enquiry, fixed system project managers will work with the client to design specifications, oversee fabrication and installation of a fixed pipework system in line with approved client capex budget.  A rig/installation survey can be undertaken and will detail the siting of pumps, control panels, hang-off frames and provision of propriety items i.e. Nozzles, upstands flexible piping and connectors, the selection and routing of pipework material and joints and the non-pressure attachments.

The use of flow simulation software combined with OPTIMA’s engineering knowledge & operational expertise allows for the accurate design of a full water deluge system from the submersible pump to the nozzle prior to installation.

In addition to this, OPTIMA can supply and fully automated and intelligent heat detection and monitoring system.  This system comprises of strategically located sensors giving real time monitoring back to a PC with the relevant software.  This will enable the installation to monitor real time data and analyse to ensure the installation and its personnel have the best protection possible.

Thermal Imaging Survey

Our thermal imaging survey highlights any areas of concern/hotspots that may form on the structure of the rig/vessel. This information can be used to configure the cooling system to optimise water flow and nozzle type. It also gives the client confidence that the structure is adequately protected from thermal heat damage.

Our infrared imaging and measuring system visualises heat emitted from an object/structure to provide accurate thermal imaging.

A thermography camera converts infrared energy (heat) into a real-time full colour video display. Easy to interpret colour thermal images are calibrated for accurate temperature measurements, providing the ability to determine the reflective severity of a problem being viewed.

Noise Attenuation

OPTIMA’s sound meter survey service will determine the extent (if any) of noise attenuation of the flare especially while flaring high gas rates.
Data is gathered by a sound meter which is downloaded to a pc and automatically produces a report.

BTU Monitoring

OPTIMA have developed both hand held and static BTU monitors to allow the actual heat flux to be measured either at one location or to develop a contour map of the radiation effect. This allows for the remote monitoring or set up of alarms should temperatures rise.

Self Operated/portable package

OPTIMA’s unique non-manned fire hose package was specifically designed for low rate well test flaring. The containerized standard deluge package is designed to provide a portable flexible solution to heat radiation problems