Pumping Services

OPTIMA® own a fleet of purpose built submersible & surface pumps for a variety of applications. In addition to our core business of well test flaring can provide these for well intervention applications such as:

  • Water for mud cooling
  • Water jetting
  • Acidizing
  • Fraccing
  • Spud can jetting
  • Auxiliary/back up fire pumps
  • Other applications

Submersible pumps (Hydro-Lift)

  • Large fleet of purpose-built submersible pumps
  • Designed to withstand and operate within the harsh offshore environment
  • Large capacity high vertical lift applications
  • Deployed in DNV specified frame units
  • Complete with armoured cable and electronic controlled starter panels.

Surface Booster Pumps (Hydro-Boost)

  • Diesel booster pumps are manufactured to OPTIMA RigCooling specification
  • Zone II pumps for flexibility and platform work
  • Small footprint AND high volume
  • DNV certified offshore lifting standards
  • Range from 2,500 usgpm - 4,000 usgpm