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As part of our continued commitment to our global client base OPTIMA® can offer a Zone 2 compliant pumping system that has the ability to operate in any Zone 2 area worldwide.  OPTIMA have placed significant investment in fully containerised, sound attenuated, Zone 2 compliant equipment to ensure that our clients have the flexibility to locate our system in a variety of deck locations.

The Norsok-Hydroboost diesel booster pump has been designed and constructed for our RigCooling® application and is built to the following standards:

  • ATEX 95 Directive 94/9/EC
  • Gas Group II B, Temperature Class T3 (Zone 2)
  • Norsok Z-015
  • DVN 2.7-1 2006

The Features:

    • Containerised fire and gas detection enabling automatic shutdown if combustible hydrocarbons (or fire) are present in the atmosphere.
    • If there was process leak, or hydrocarbon release on your rig or installation, then any diesel engine in the area would induct the hydrocarbons into the engine cylinders and cause the engine to run into over speed uncontrollably. Almost certainly ending in self destruction of the engine, and or fire/explosion of the engine itself. In the presence of hydrocarbons, obviously that would be disastrous. However, the OPTIMA Norsok Hydro-Boost engine would simply shut down before any damage or hazard occurred. Is that a safety benefit that would be of some interest to you?

    • Automatic internal fire extinguishing which negates the need for manual fire extinguishing in the event of a local fire.
    • If a fire broke out on your rig or installation then a fire team would need to be called, and the entire rig personnel would muster for evacuation while the fire team handled the fire. If the fire spread to containers and equipment on deck, then obviously it would be extremely dangerous for the fire team to access enclosed spaces. The time exposed to danger could lead to catastrophe. However, the OPTIMA Norsok Hydro-Boost would self extinguish any internal fire automatically, without any need for human intervention. Is that a safety benefit that would be of some interest to you?

    • Zone 2 Pyroban 3GP allowing the equipment to be used in rigsafe or Zone 2 locations with continuous running without the need to regularly shut down and clean exhaust flame traps.
    • The Atex approved Pyroban 3GP system incorporates latest generation technology in exhaust gas cooling. The system removes the need for mechanical exhaust flame traps which would require changing and cleaning every 6 to 8 hours of engine running in a Zone 2 location on your rig or installation. This would mean stopping the engine for a period of one or two hours and allowing the engine to cool sufficiently to permit the flame trap removal, cleaning, and refit. If the well test on your rig or installation was expected to flow for more than 6 to 8 hours, then normally you would need to hire two Zone 2 Booster units, and utilise one as an online back up while the other one had its flame traps removed. The only other option would be to utilise one Booster unit but shut in the well when the Booster had to be shut down for flame trap removal. The cost implications of either of those two scenarios are extensive and would have a major impact on your operational budget. However, the OPTIMA Norsok Hydro-Boost requires no periodic shut down and therefore continuous running. Is that a cost effective benefit that would be of some interest to you?

    • Super silenced sound attenuation ensures can be utilised close to accommodation or work spaces if required, without any noise hazard to personnel.
    • Due to the high volume of equipment installation at the time of well testing, very often finding space for large safety critical units is difficult. Furthermore, the fact that most diesel driven equipment carries significant noise hazards, the areas close to accommodation units or work spaces cannot be utilised because of the long term exposure to high noise. However, the OPTIMA Norsok Hydro-Boost has been engineered acoustically to reduce the produced sound pressure level to under 80dB at full engine load. Therefore allowing greater scope for the installation location. Is that a health and safety benefit that would be of some interest to you?

    • Norsok Z-015 compliant designed and manufactured in accordance with Norsok for compliance with Norwegian continental shelf requirements.
    • The OPTIMA Norsok Hydro-Boost integrates with any Norwegian offshore consent to install management systems because it incorporates compliance with all Norsok regulations that are referenced within Z-015. This allows for quicker mobilisation administration for Norwegian and other sectors. It meets and exceeds all prerequisite categories and clauses within the Norsok management system. Is that a time and cost saving benefit that would be of some interest to you?

    • Multi voltage emergency shutdown this can be interfaced with the rig or installations own ESD, for yellow alert shut down if combustible hydrocarbons are present in the atmosphere.
    • If there is a process leak or release of hydrocarbons anywhere on your rig or installation, then the OPTIMA Norsok Hydro-Boost unit will automatically shut down if it the incorporated multi voltage ESD interface is connected at the time of installation. The built in control panel removes the need for external voltage transformers or other electrical hardware. The unit is simply connected to your rig or installations own ESD and will shutdown upon detection of the pre-determined emergency level. For example, if there is a release on the rig floor, then the OPTIMA Norsok Hydro-Boost will shut down regardless of its location on your rig or installation. Is that a safety benefit that would be of some interest to you?

    • Caterpillar C18 engine new generation marine diesel engine with low harmful exhaust emissions, increased fuel economy, and minimal maintenance requirements.
    • The Cat C18 Atex approved electronic engine management system reduces harmful exhaust emissions and increases fuel economy without compromising power delivery. It also incorporates low maintenance requirements because of its clean running. Is that an environmental and cost saving benefit that may be of some interest to you?

    • High volume centrifugal pump end boosts 3500USgpm (221 Litres per second) at 16Barg (232psi) constant flow without pulsing, for increased coverage through OPTIMA RigCooling® system.
    • The high performance centrifugal sea water pump end fitted to the OPTIMA Norsok Hydro-Boost delivers smooth flow dynamics. This produces larger spray patterns from the OPTIMA RigCooling® system, and increases the level of heat attenuation at the time of well test flaring operations. Is that a performance benefit that may be of some interest to you?

  • Marine raw water engine cooling means there is no engine cooling fan or radiator, which reduces static electricity generation, cuts down noise, and allows engine to run efficiently cooled by internal heat exchangers.
  • Marine sea water engine cooling is supplied internally from within the OPTIMA Norsok Hydro-Boost. No external supply is required, therefore installation time is reduced, and reliability is increased.  Is that a time and cost saving benefit that would be of some interest to you?