Complete Cooling System

Portable and Fixed Systems

OPTIMA's® RigCooling® systems provide the ultimate protection from rig flaring operations.

OPTIMA offer a choice of either a rented portable cooling system, a dedicated fixed system or a combination of both, custom designed and built into your installation.

Following installation our systems are operated by our experienced operatives to run the systems during high activity periods.

OPTIMA's portable and fixed systems both make use of our patented Evo Targe Nozzle. Fitted on the burner boom, the unit provides a proven effective barrier close to the heat source limiting the transfer of radiated heat through the atmosphere and thereby on to the rig.


Evo Targe Boom System

  • Greater heat radiation suppression capability
  • Designed to protect rigs from green burners
  • Reduced equipment
  • Ideal for high oil flaring

Rigside Cooling System

  • Patented Targe K200 nozzle
  • Interlocking spray pattern for solid water wall
  • Isolation Capability
  • Flexible positioning

T-Bar Boom System

  • Atomising nozzles
  • Utilised for gas flaring
  • Fine mist fog drifts with flame profile
  • Reduced water supply applications


  • Fire Hoses
  • Branches & Manifolds
  • Fan Tail & Spray Nozzles
  • Installation interface couplings
  • Containerised

Rapid Response

  • Flare boom cooling system
  • Rig Side (handrail) cooling system
  • Heat resistant tarpaulins
  • Fire fighting equipment for well test areas

Pumping Services

  • Surface booster
  • Submersible supply