Management Team

Ray Houghton, Global Operations Manager 

Ray Houghton has been involved in the oil and gas industry for over 35 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of the management of oil and gas services activities and businesses. He has worked as a senior manager in well services organizations for over 16 years. Ray’s has held roles, ranging through managing field services for BHP Billiton’s Liverpool Bay operations for four years to running counties, areas and product lines for major service companies.

Andy Christie, Senior Client Account Manager

Andy Christie provides commercial and technical support to major client accounts as well as developing relationships, which includes maintaining client satisfaction and loyalty through ensuring exceptional service quality and creating value.

He is our client’s main point of contact through the inquiry/tender process, assesses technical and operational needs of the project, prepare and presents commercial proposals, master pricing and/or negotiated commercial rates.

Hamish Munro, Operations Management

Hamish Munro has been involved with Rig Cooling operations worldwide for the last 20 years was involved with the Targe nozzle being Lloyds approved after the Lord Cullen Report. He joined OPTIMA 17 years ago as an offshore operator rising to a level 3 operator and had quite a few roles within OPTIMA notably Global Training Coordinator followed by Technical Support Manager and to the current position of Field Service manager for the past four years.